Roofing Services

Roof Repair

As one of the leading general contractors in Boise County we have the experience to handle your home or business.

Our Working Process



You can also come to our office or call one of our representatives for consultation.



We will be taking photos and measurements of your roof. Over the phone, our experts will not provide you with any estimates. We want your estimate to be as precise as possible and to include everything.



We’ll put together a comprehensive bid, which will be reviewed by a Project Manager with you to make sure you’re aware of the following:

  1. What are the Expenses?
  2. The Schedule of Payments
  3. What Kinds of Insurance Reimbursements Can You Expect?


The property owner and our team will work together to confirm the installation date and materials.  Our Quality Control team will be on site during the installation to ensure proper install and to document the process for the property owner and the carrier.